Scholarship Committee Reports


The 500 scholarships of the central İ​TÜ​​MD in Istanbul are granted both to male and female students.
Our İTÜMD USA sholarships are currently dedicated to female students.

ITUMD USA Scholarships


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Your donations will help needy female students of the Istanbul Technical University with their expenses for studying science and technology.

Because of severe financial circumstances, girl students urgently need our increasing help more than ever before. Every amount counts.

Scholarships will be determined through the Scholarship Committees of the central İTÜ MD in Istanbul and the ITÜ MD in USA. Regular progress reports will be published. Charitable non-profit donations are tax-deductible.

You can make named donations in memory of a special person.
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The amount for one student's total scholarship of 9 months is $ 375. Every amount counts! Monthly giving is possible.​​
With your help, we provided scholarships to total of 120 students in 2020-2023, 116 through the ITUMD Committee in Istanbul and additionally directly to 4 other students.

Fund Transfers of İTÜMD USA to İTÜMD İ​stanbul in 2020 - 2023

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Scholarship and support donations by ITUMD USA sent during former years:
through  ITUMD  Istanbul
Direct  Support
to  Students
20 students

41 students
​1 student
26​ students
2 students

​29 students
​1​ student
​3 students
​2 students
​3 students
​3 students​
1 student rocket team
​3 students

​3 students
​1 student rocket team
​2 students
​2 student rocket teams
​1 student