Prof. Erwin Finlay Freundlich
1885 - 1964
Director, Einstein Institute, Berlin    - 1933
Istanbul Uni.   1933 - 1937
Prague Uni.   1937  -  1939
St. Andrews Uni. Scotland UK   1939 - 1957
Uni. Mainz, Germany   1957 - 1964

Prof. Freundlich (1885-1964) was a German astronomer. He was a working associate of Prof. Albert Einstei​n and had managed the Einstein Turm in Postsdam near Berlin, Germany. He was the Director of Einstein Institute.

Later in 1933, he was expelled by Nazi government from his university and was forced to leave Germany.
He was invited by the Turkish Government and emigrated to Turkey to serve in Istanbul between 1933-1937.

He was the PhD supervisor of Nü​zhet Gökdoğan and of Marie Paris Pishmish at Istanbul University Department of Astronomy. Upon recommendation by Freundlich, Pishmish later attended Harvard University. After Harvard, she married the Harvard mathematician Felix Recillas, moved to Mexico with her husband and founded the science of astronomy in Mexico.

* Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Gravitationstheorie. Mit e. Vorwort von Albert Einstein. – Berlin : Springer, 1920
The Foundations of Einstein's Theory of Gravitation​
* Über die Rotverschiebung der Spektrallinien with Max Born (1953)
* Theoretische Bemerkungen zu Freundlichs Formel für die stellare Rotverschiebung (1953)
* Cosmology (1971)

After 1937, Freundlich moved to Prague. Later when Nazis invaded Prague in 1939, he left and joined the Uni. of St. Andrews in Scotland.

He introduced experiments for which the general theory of relativity could be tested by astronomical observations ​based on the gravitational redshift.

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